How would you classify your style of photography?

Our style of photography is photojournalistic / documentary. We have a more candid approach to wedding photography, and try to stay away from anything that looks too posed. We love to capture the raw emotions from a wedding!



Do you work with a second photographer?

Yes, we always include 2 Professional Photographers!


Can we meet with you to discuss our interests and needs? Afterward, would we meet again before the wedding?

Yes, we always like to have an initial meeting with our couples at the time of booking to discuss the overall style of their wedding and what you're looking for in a photographer. This helps us better understand your style and how we can incorporate that into your wedding pictures. We also offer an additional meeting a week before the wedding, but in some cases, if the couples end up being too busy we are always an email away!


How much do you require as a deposit and when is the balance due?  

1/3 of the total price is due as a deposit to reserve your date, the second 1/3 payment is due 1 month before the wedding, and the final 1/3 payment is due when you receive the photos.


Can I give you a list of shots we would like?

Absolutely! It's always great to have input from our clients. This helps us get a 'good feel' for the style of photos you like. We always do our best to capture every shot that you request!


What info do you need before the wedding day?

To start, we just need basic info, such as venue, size of wedding etc. We then have a fill in the blank form that we will send to you before the wedding which you can fill out and send back to us once you're ready.  




How many hours will you shoot? Getting ready? Reception?

It all depends on when you start getting ready, or when you require us to start shooting. Most couples will roughly plan their day out and get us to cover as many important details of the wedding from the point we start to finish. This means if you want us to capture you getting ready at 2 pm, and your first dance is at 8:30 or 9 pm, you would likely want to book our 8 hr package at least.


If things are more spread out, you may want to book us for our 10 or 12hr package. We are always photographing something during the time we are there, so the longer we are around, the more details we are able to photograph. When it comes down to traveling from the getting ready location to the venue, setting up our gear, capturing the family group photos and the wedding party photos, and capturing the details of the wedding, our time fills up very quickly! 



How long does it take to receive the photos?

We guarantee to have the photos to you within 2 months but normally will have them done within a few weeks, depending on how busy we are.





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